Scribble a nickname for all hand-drawn computerized graphics that is compatible with a hand-drawn whiteboard software such as Sparkol Videoscribe. A scribble is most of the time in .svg format, although you can also use .png for still images.
Easy! From the front page please go to Scribble (or select a category from the dropdown menu). There you can click on the thumbnail of any scribble to view more details. Free scribbles can be downloaded directly whereas premium ones need to be added to your cart and checked out.
SVG stands for Scalable vector graphics. It can be opened and edited in software such as Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. In our context, the svg can also be used with hand-drawn whiteboard applications and software such as Videoscribe by Sparkol, or potentially other similar software.
It depends. For now all of our scribbles are compatible with Sparkol's Videoscribe software, and some are compatible with Explaindio. The scribbles have not been tested with other platforms. They might still work however I suggest you download a free scribble and test it out in your desired software before making any purchase on our site.
Please make sure you have registered a free account with us to enable downloads. In other cases, please contact us at contact@scribble-svg.com
Scribble currently accepts payments via Paypal and credit cards through Paypal.
We suggest you check out our Refund policysection.
It depends on the type of license associated with your purchase. We suggest you check out our License section.
Currently, Scribble does not support this function. However, it is definitely something we are looking into as the site grows.

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