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Thank you for choosing our service. Before we start working on your order, please provide the following required information:

[wordpress_file_upload uploadpath=”uploads/Orders” uploadpatterns=”*.zip, *.rar, *.txt, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx” createpath=”true” redirect=”true” redirectlink=”” placements=”title/filename+selectbutton+uploadbutton/userdata/progressbar/message” uploadtitle=”Please submit your file containing your Script and any additional requirement below. Allowed formats: .zip, .rar, .txt, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx” notify=”true” notifyrecipients=”” notifysubject=”Order – File Upload Notification” userdata=”true” userdatalabel=”Your Name|t:text|s:left|r:1|a:0|p:right|d:/Your Email|t:email|s:left|r:1|a:0|v:1|p:right|d:|g:0″]

Note: If you have custom images or music files that you would like to use in the clip, please attach them in a separate email to

If you are unable to submit the form, please send all required documents and files to for immediate attention.

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