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What is Scribble about?

This site is a sharing hub of  hand-drawn whiteboard project optimized scribbles in svg format (Phew, I know it sounded lengthy). The scribbles are tested with Sparkol’s Videoscribe as well as Explaindio and should draw out well in a hand drawing animation. An animated preview of each scribble is also provided on its respective product page for easy visualization. The scribbles however have yet to be tested for compatibility with other similar software, thus, unless explicitly stated, they might not draw out well in other software, or will draw out at all. The svg file is fully editable and a corresponding .png file is also included for your usage.

Who created the scribbles?

All of the scribbles on this site have been hand-drawned and copyrighted by the Scribble Team. Feel free to download them and use for your projects, however, please check the license information and the description section below each product image, before downloading for free or purchasing a scribble to make sure you use them appropriately! Also, I highly recommend that you check out the refund policy before proceeding.  Thank you so much.

Why scribbles?

As an advertising professional and animation artist myself, I recognized the infinite possibility for hand-drawn whiteboard presentations in the new web 2.0. Gone are the days where boring Powerpoint presentation slides or thick word document reports would satisfy clients. New business demands call for clearer, more creative and visual stimulating means of communicating a message. Storytelling, among other, is believed to be a game-changing method of conveying . Like they say, ‘show, don’t tell’, you can communicate better with visual presentations that will surely impress and convince your clients, supervisors and potential business partners.

Having said that, I also recognize the lack of available resources when it comes to good quality svg files for hand-drawn animation. I create creative videos myself, and when faced with a lack of those resources, I often find myself resorting to custom drawing one myself. But what will be the case for the business professionals, the lecturers or the students who are filled with inspirations but simply lack the skill needed to create software-ready svg images, that will animate nicely when imported? I have decided to create Scribble to fill in this gap, and help myself as well as others who are in need of such resources. It started out as just a personal project, but I really hope if would grow to become a database for users of all backgrounds who are believers of hand-drawn whiteboard concept.

Got questions?

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the scribbles. Alternatively, you can check out the FAQ section.


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